Thursday, April 7, 2011


So this week I was supposed to travel to Santa Rosa Beach in Florida with my employers. I wasn't loving it because when I travel for work it means being away from Ethan for a week or longer, and I already have to go to Savannah over Easter and then to rural Virginia for 10 days in July. The beach trip ended up falling through because the house had been double booked...oops. It ended up working out just fine though. My employers decided to take their older two to the mountains, and left the Symmester with me. We had an uneventful day on Tuesday... I spent the majority of the day completing major house projects and was exhausted at the end of the day. Since I only had him, I just brought him home with me and set him up in the pack-n-play that I keep at my house for naps, overnights, etc.

Wednesday morning, we woke up and he ate his breakfast, and we were about to go back to his house for the day to finish up more projects and play.... when the vomiting started. Oh boy. Fever was 101 at the highest point, and baby boy was just miserable. :( He threw up a grand total of 4 times throughout the day and we never made it back home because I wasn't about to put him in the car when there was a chance of him throwing up, and I didn't think riding in a car would make him feel any better. I spent the day giving him lukewarm baths, holding him, comforting him, pretty much holding him 24/7 because he didn't want to sleep if I wasn't holding him. We ended up taking a nap together as a result which my husband caught with his camera phone upon returning home from work. Note my Williams-Sonoma kitchen towel which doubled nicely as a burp cloth, and the towel he is wrapped in. He threw up all over me twice, so the towels were the precautions... go figure, he didn't throw up on me again after I had the towels. They always get you when you're not prepared.

Today was a repeat of yesterday, only he was even more clingy and I was up all night... I finally just brought him into my bed around 6 AM because I was so exhausted and mercifully, he fell asleep, so we both slept until 10 AM. I definitely feel zonked today...takes me back to when he was a newborn and I was waking up every 90 minutes to 2 hours to feed/change/etc. The rest of the family arrived back home at 6:45 PM and I left at 7, after politely informing them that I would not be coming into work until 8:30 instead of my usual 7:45 AM. I will use the extra 45 minutes of sleep, and tomorrow is a late night for me anyway. Plus, I have to work Saturday and Sunday... we were supposed to be gone, so we have no other backup and I would have been working those days while we were at the beach anyway. Not the most ideal situation but at least I'm only working 11-7 instead of the typical 8-8 that it would be while traveling. :)

Wow, delirium just hit me....I do believe it is time to hit the sack!