Thursday, August 5, 2010

2 more sleeps....

I knew a little girl named Addison (who is not so little anymore), and she used to count the days to whatever she was waiting for by "sleeps". "Three more sleeps!" "Two more sleeps!"..... well, we are now at two more sleeps until we leave for Mexico. Although, it may very well end up being one more sleep...since I don't know if I'll be able to sleep one wink on Friday night just out of sheer excitement!!!

I have been living at work since Tuesday, because my employers went to New York again. It has been an interesting week since F started kindergarten and has not really been around since he is in school from 8-2:45 every day. I've had a lot of fun with S&E though. Today we had a playdate, and then went to my house so that Ethan and I could pack for our trip. Ethan has been staying here overnight as well, which is always appreciated...I don't think I'd sleep nearly as well without him here. There's just something reassuring about an armed person sleeping next to you, even when the alarm is on. It's a pretty gigantic house (6,000 square feet) and the two older kids are further away than I'd like, but I don't want to be too far away from S, so I just rely on baby monitors and the alarm system.

Anyway, we are mostly packed and I will finish up the rest of the packing tomorrow afternoon when my part-time nanny comes to relieve me for a few hours... I will be completing the packing and getting a pedicure.

Ethan and I always get generous checks from family members at our anniversary, which is really unnecessary...but also appreciated at the same time! Usually we stash it in savings for a later date, but this time we decided to use it for something fun.... snorkeling gear! Ethan loves to snorkel, and we will be off the second largest barrier reef in the world. Last year in Jamaica we did go snorkeling, but it was not very much fun because the masks did not fit correctly and water leaked, etc. So today we were fitted for masks and bought dry snorkels (they automatically close and seal off the tube if water gets in). We're so excited to use them in Mexico! We'll be sending a photo of us in Mexico with our snorkel gear on, goofy smiles, and a cheesy thumbs up pose with our thank you notes. I'm sure I'll also post said picture on here at some point as well.

I seriously cannot wait for this vacation to start on Saturday....this time with my husband is something that I look forward to with great anticipation every year. It is so important to me. It really doesn't matter WHERE we go... I would be happy staying home with him for a week, but I love going out of the country because it cuts off all the other outside distractions that would still be around if we were in the U.S. (internet, email, cell phones, etc.) I'm also so excited about gym time. Sure, I love to read and lounge around, but I also LOVE being on vacation with Ethan because we can work out every day together! The resort we are staying at this year has a state of the art gym, so we'll be hitting the gym every morning before we hit the beach. I won't lose a pound....with all the food and sugary drinks that we will be indulging in, but I bet I can maintain it, and hopefully get myself into the habit of working out daily again since I definitely slacked off on that this summer. Lastly, this vacation kicks off the last semester of Ethan's undergraduate degree...which is the starting point for an entirely different life for us both in some ways.... so it's just exciting to finally be here!